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Furniture pick up

Call us to arrange free pick up from Prague, we do all the work!

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Charity shop

Visit our fundraising store and brighten your day!

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We offer delivery service for any items bought in our shop.

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Moving services

We provide an efficient, experienced and reliable service.

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Various services combinations

For example, when moving to your new property we can collect any unwanted furniture free of charge and the possible delivery of any furniture you may have purchased in our charity shop at the same time.

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The possibility to support our charity by a financial gift

You can click on the button below to make a donation to us through PayPal’s secure online service. If you want to make donation straight into our bank account then please contact us directly to make the necessary arrangements. All donations will be receipted, if you provide us with your mailing address.

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More informations

Information can be provided by phone, or a casual meeting with an introduction about our not-for-profit organisation to consider the different ways of cooperating with each other.

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Accessibility in Prague


Strong men





  • We know what we can provide

    Our services have been proven over time with a great number of satisfied customers. We are now successfully operating into our tenth year. In this time we have gained great experience and are constantly working to improve them for your full satisfaction. Dont just take our word for it, you can review the feed back from customers who have used our services in the past and come back to us again, testomony that serves as our best recomendation to you the new customer.

  • We know the best price to charge

    According to a type of a service used, it could be free of charge or have a very reasonable price. The charges for our services are not excessive and we continually try to keep our operating costs to an absolute minimum so that you won´t be worried by the concerns of costs. All proceeds from the sale of donated items and usage of our services helps us to finance our charities purposes.

  • We know how to be professional

    Besides the necessary skills our staff possess, they also share a great respect and diligence for each other and importantly you the customer. After providing many years of fair, honest and reliable work, we still strive to shape and mould our services to a much higher level, so when you use us you will be provided with a service better than your expectations.

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 The best prices in Prague

The best prices in Prague

Prices are final, we do not pay VAT.

Minimum charge 1850 Kc in Prague

Charge for mileage outside Prague is 16 (18) Kc per km.

20 cubic meter Renault Master Box Van

20 cubic meter Renault Master Box Van



Your moving in Prague Old Town

Prague Old Town moving

We handle with care

Betel moving services

Vincent Corpus, Youth Director, International Church of Prague

We are very pleased with Bétel’s service of moving. We have used them for quite some time, and have moved our personal apartment three times with Bétel, and have helped a few of our friends who have used Bétel as well.

The guys are very friendly, and also very understanding about the lack of Czech language skills on our part. We use Bétel for all of our moving purposes because they are trustworthy, careful, have great attention to detail, and each time we were treated with courtesy and respect by “Your moving” team.

One of the main reasons we use Bétel, is the mission they have of reaching men who have suffered from alcohol and drug addiction. It is a great reminder of the love of God for those who are in need and many see as unworthy and beyond help.

Thanks for taking care of your men, and to a lesser degree, thanks for taking care of us and our belongings. Bétel rocks for a lot of reasons!!!